Home Remedies for Fever and Cold | Highly Effective and Recommended

Home Remedies for Fever and Cold

When the body temperature is higher than normal it is called fever. Many times there the reason for fever due to changes in the weather or infection, home remedies for fever and cold, are highly effective and safe in these conditioned.

There is also a fever when there is a weakness in children, infections in the ear or infections in urine. Not only this, but there is also a possibility of fever due to a lack of cleanliness or low immunity.

Common symptoms of fever include headache, muscle pain, dehydration, multiple shivers, and persistent sweating and weakness.

Either fever is cured in a few days naturally, but still, you can recover quickly by taking some home remedies for fever and cold.

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Home Remedies for Fever and Cold | Highly Effective and Recommended

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Cold Water

Wipe the body after soaking a clean cloth in cold water. Apart from this, keeping cold water straps on the head also benefits, and the body temperature is low after some time.

The clothes should be changed from time to time at regular intervals. This is a very good process for controlling normal fever, which does not let the temperature increase.


Basil is very helpful and effective in reducing the body temperature in the fever. This herb great works in the market like other antibiotics and is also effective.

To fix and control the fever, boil leaves of Tulsi and a spoonful of ginger in a cup of water. Cool it and add honey for taste and drink it. Do this method twice a day works great.

Tea can be made by mixing basil leaves and black pepper powder so that the body temperature is reduced. Drink this tea twice or thrice a day as your choice.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is also a very cheap and effective remedy for fever. Apple cider vinegar reduces the fever rapidly because the acid contained in it causes the heat to turn out of the skin sweating of the body. Also, keep the mineral body present in it so away from the fever.

Take one piece of vinegar and two parts of water and soak it in it. Squeeze the excess water and place this band on the forehead and stomach surface.

A strip can also be placed on the soles of the feet and palm. Once the cloth is hot, immerse it in again the solution and repeat the process.


Garlic can also reduce the temperature of the body by promoting sweating in the body. It is also helpful to take out harmful toxins from the body and detoxify.

Not only this, garlic is full of antifungal and antibacterial properties which gives immunity to the entire body.

Grind and paste a garlic clove and mix it in hot water. Cover and hold for at least 10 minutes. Filter the water and drink slowly by sip and sip like a tea.

Drink this drink twice a day for quick relief. The next day you will feel much more comfortable and relieved of the fever.

Add two teaspoons of olive oil and fry the two or three bud garlic. Cool this oil and put it in the soles of the feet for the best result.


Raisin has the ability to fight the against body’s infection and relieve the fever. Raisins have phenolic phytonutrients and great antioxidant properties.

Soak 25-30 raisins in a half cup water for one hour, until the raisins soften. Grind the raisins inside the water and filter the water from it and separate. Mix half lemon juice in this juice for taste. Drink friendlier twice a day like a tea.


Ginger has great properties to control body temperature. Even ginger ingredients are naturally rich in an anti-viral and antibacterial agent.

Boil ginger in water and boil it and filter it into it, mix honey and drink it. The tea made in this way can be drunk three to four times a day for quick relief.

Drink this mixture with 1 teaspoon ginger juice, half teaspoon lemon juice and one tablespoon of honey. This friendship can also be taken three to four times a day for best result.

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Home Remedies for Fever and Cold | Highly Effective and Recommended

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